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Research Institue 
The CNBM Design & Reseach Institue (CNDI), belongs to China National Materials Group Corporation (CNBM), a state-owned enterprise which was administered by China Assets Supervision and Administration Commision. CNDI is the first grade comprehensive engineering institute, which engaged in engineeing design, technical consultancy, construction supervision, project management, general contracting and technology development, mechanical & electrical equipment manufacture for building materials project, civilian building and environmental protection projects, such as new building materials, glass, ceramics, glass fiber and W.H.R, etc. 

Since 1970s, CNBM Design & Research Institue participated in engineering for over 300 projects, research & development on more than 200 new projects, gainted more than 30 China National patents; In which there are over 100 China domestic cement plant EPC & design projects, over 30 W.H.R projects, and more than 10 overseas EPC & Design projects; became the most powerful Design & Research Institue in China.

Overseas Cement Plant Design & EPC Projects:
- Saudi Arabia, SPCC 5000 tpd Cement Production Line, 2015
- Bangladesh, Mongla Cement Plant - 3th 110tph Cement Grinding & Flyash System, 2013
- Ethiopia, DMC Cement Company - 7000tpd Cement Production Line, 2012
- Bangladesh, BMRE Cement Company - 600tpd Clinker Production Line, 2010
- Iran, 330tpd Clinker Production Line, 2012
- Iran, FGWCC Cement Company - 1100tpd White Cement Production Line, 2012
- Libya, SABHA FWAM Cement Company - 3000tpd NSP Cement Production Line, 2010
- Jordan, NJCC Cement Company - 3000tpd Cement Grinding Production Line, 2008
- Iraq, SAMAWA ADCP Cement Company - 3300tpd Clinker Production Line, 2008
- Yemen, AAA Cement Company - 3000tpd Cement Grinding Prodcution Line, 2007

Waste Heat Recovery (W.H.R) Projects:
- Jiangxi Tianfeng Cement Plant 1800t/d—4MW 
- Kuche Qingsong Cement Plant 1500t/d—3MW 
- Xinjiang Qingsong Cement Plant 3200t/d—6MW 
- Zhaoshan Xinxing Cement Plant 1000t/d—2000kw 
- Fujian Honghuo Cement Plant 4500t/d—9MW 
- Zhihai Cement Plant 2*2500t/d—9MW 
- Shanxi Zhongsheng Cement Plant 1500t/d—3000kw 
- Changshan Jiangshanhu Cement Plant 4500t/d—9MW 
- Zhejiang Shangfeng Cement Plant 2500t/d—4.5MW 
- Kaixian Kaizhou Cement Plant 2500t/d—4.5MW 
- Chongqing Kehua Cement Plant 1500t/d—3MW 
- Shanxi Shengwei Cement Plant 2*2500t/d—9MW 
- Chongqing Runhong Cement Plant 2*12MW 
- Xiahe Anduo Cement Plant1000t/d—2000kw
- Jiangxi Hushanyan Cement Plant 2500t/d—5000kw
- (...)

Cement Plant Design & EPC Projects in China:
- Guizhou Bijiejiang Cement Plant 3500t/d  
- Chongqing Qinfeng Cement Plant 3500t/d  
- Chongqing Bijiekehua Grinding Center 3200t/d 
- Liaoning Dongjingling Cement Plant 3500t/d
- Sheyang Grinding Center 3200t/d  
- Ningxia Mengcheng Mingfeng Cement Plant 5000t/d 
- Chongqing Shizhu Kehua Cement Plant 4800t/d 
- Longhui South Cement Grinding Center 3300t/d
- Chongqing Kehua Cement Plant 2500t/d 
- Xinjiang Boleshi Bolan Cement Plant 3200t/d  
- Sichuan Yanyuan Cement Plant 3400t/d (Altitude 2600m)   
- Hunan Changdu Wuling Cement Plant 3200t/d 
- Hunan Zhaoyang Xuefeng Cement Plant 2500t/d  
- Jiaxing Sanshi Cement Plant 6500t/d 
- Huzhou Sanshi Cement Plant 2000t/d  
- (...)
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