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1. Introduction
The first form of Instant Building is the early travel-trailer, which was originated in America. In the 1950s, Instant Building became popular in Europe, and developed to Canada, Japan, and other countries in the 1960s. In 2000, along with the growing market, Instant Buildings began to be standardized, integrated and systematized. Began with cement, developed to color-bond, and now is container instant buildings, of which features are green and saving, mobility and high-efficiency.
Generally, Instant Building uses steel plates and styrofoam as its major materials, which have properties of heat-insulating, noise-insulating, anti-flaming, anti-knock, etc; not only sturdy, easy to install, but also artistic; total weigh is 1/50 of wall brick or concrete. Construction period of an instant building is only 1/3 of a traditional house, taking only 20 days and 5 workers to complete each 1000m2.
2. Advantages of Instant Building:
3. Applications of Instant Building:
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