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SINOCEM, CEMSUR and LEOMAX are the leading cement export brands of SINOCEM, which quality is firmly guaranteed by the South Cement Group - the subsidiary of China National Building Material (CNBM), world’s largest producer of building materials, and of course ranking high in Global 500. 

By the end of 2012, the 123 South Cement plants and 185 South Cement concrete plants produced 125 million tons of Clinker, 167 million tons of cement and 192 million cubic meters of concrete. During the last 5 years, the Chinese government adopted very strict policies of environmental protection and reduction of production capacity.

Today in 2017, South Cement has closed 33 cement plants with capacity below one million. Now we have a clinker production capacity of 100 million tons, a reduction of 25% of the total production. Meanwhile, with the recent mergers and acquisition, South Cement now owns about 1000 concrete mixing plants, thus greatly enhancing the productivity and efficiency.

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